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My Favorite All Time WWE Entrance Themes

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

As an avid fan of the WWE from since I can remember I have been able to witness many of the best wrestlers in history compete and entertain. A lot of people like to say wrestling is fake and this and that and they may be partially right as it is a scripted TV show, however just like any other show it is a production. The production level at WWE is off the charts and nothing makes a big match like a high level entrance and some great theme music. Today I am going to list my top 10 favorite themes in my lifetime. **These are my personal opinions on favorite entrance themes. 

10. Shinsuke Nakamura 

Probably a bit of surprise as there are so many great themes, but from day 1 this was always a huge hit with me. Always caught my attention and entertained, NXT has done a great job with themes and building superstars, unfortunately the main roster has not been able to carry the momentum of many of them.

9. JBL

This theme was just perfect for the heel character that JBL portrayed. The theme just exuded arrogance, wealth, and the fact that JBL was better than you. Any time this theme hit you knew you were about to hate something JBL had to say in a promo or prepare to witness a clothesline from hell. This is most likely not a top theme of all time, I just loved how perfectly it fit with JBL and making you hate him so much.

8. Shawn Michaels

One of the most iconic themes in WWE history, Shawn Michaels was one of the best performers of all time and brought it right from the moment this music hit. I'm not sure there is a theme that portrays the character better than this one does for the Heartbreak Kid. 

7. The Rock

The Rock was always one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. He along with Stone Cold, and the attitude era brought so many memories to my childhood. This theme was just one of the many iconic aspects of The Rock along with his great promos, electrifying moves, and of course "The People's Eyebrow". Once this theme hit and The Rock began his strut to the ring you knew you (and the millions! of The Rock's fans) were about to be entertained and he was about to lay the smackdown on someone's candy ass.

6. DX

I said are you ready??? One of, if not the greatest faction in WWE history obviously has one of the best themes of all time. Once this theme hit you knew all hell was about to break loose and maybe a segment or two that my parents had to turn off as 6-7 year old me had no business understanding what was about to take place.

5. Booker T

Yes, as you can tell I love the themes that immediately start yelling at you right from the start. I always loved Booker T and even though he played it very well, I hated the King Booker gimmick so much. The main reason I hated it was because it robbed us of this amazing entrance theme. This song along with the spinaroonie were the staples of the 5 time, yes 5 time! champ.

4. Edge

The Rated R Superstar was a staple in the WWE from the Attitude Era up until his recent return at this year's Royal Rumble in Houston. From his singles competition, his time with The Brood, his great Tag Team runs with best friend Christian, and his tag team stint with Randy Orton, Edge has always delivered. Seeing Edge take the next step in 2006 when he cashed in the first ever Money in the Bank to wins his first champion ship was so cool to see as he was finally being handed the keys to the castle as one of the true main eventers. He certainly didn't disappoint as he took part in some of the most classic feuds and matches in WWE history.

3. John Cena (Dr. of Thuganomics)

One of the best characters and best heels in the history of the WWE. The kid from West Newberry Massachusetts was on the brink of being written off TV before one of the greatest gimmicks we have ever seen arose. From this amazing entrance theme (rapped by Cena himself), the throwback jerseys and hats, the chain around the neck, and the weekly raps dissing' his opponents, Cena always delivered. We are all still waiting for one last run from this version of Cena, even though most of us know we will probably never see it. Word Life!

2. CM Punk (Cult of Personality)

Now this is a theme which is not a WWE original, it appeared on the band Living Colour's debut album Vivid 1988. This version of Punk might possibly be my favorite wrestler in my time as a fan and that is saying a lot with all the great entertainers I have seen. Punk just had that ability to have you sucked in to everything he said during a promo, was able to play both a great heel and face, and of course the famous "Pipebomb" promo is one of the most iconic in WWE history. The cool thing about this theme also is that Punk was off of TV for awhile and when he returned to confront John Cena and this theme hit there was some confusion as this was brand new and had not been used by him previously. When this theme hit you knew " It's Clobbering Time"

1. Triple H (My Time)

This was my whole reason for putting this list together. I was sitting around, bored during quarantine watching some old PPVs on the WWE Network and after hearing this theme was instantly brought back to my time watching WWE as a kid. The Game has had so many iconic moments in the WWE and with DX, along with King of Kings, he has had some great themes as well. This entrance has always been one that stuck in my head and one that I was a huge fan of. Something about the beat and just the aura of the game making his way to the ring always got me fired up for a match.

I hope everyone enjoyed the list, once again this was just my personal preference for what I enjoyed. I know there are some all time classics like Stone Cold, Taker, Mick Foley left off this list and they would obviously make an all time best list, this list is just not that. It was hard enough to come up with a personal top 10 of my own as I tried to use a blend of some current/currentish stuff as well as some classics.

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